Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wonder Woman: the ultimate guide to the Amazon Princess- Scott Beatty

I have to pay homage to my most frequently borrowed book at the library- Wonder Woman: the ultimate guide to the Amzon Princess by Scott Beatty.  I'm probably going on a baker's dozen at this point, and one of the clerks asked me why I just don't buy it.  I've wondered that myself actually.  I think it would ruin that split second euphoria when I run to the shelf to see if its there.  Childish, sure.  And I admit, owning it would be much handier when you need to know the alternate name for Paradise Island (it's Themiscyra).  But there's something about sitting at a library table with the book open, hoping someone chances by and wants to strike up a conversation about Wonder Woman's transformation since World War II.

My childhood hero even provided me with my Eureka! moment of the year...and it was only January 2nd!  Still, it will be hard to top.  I've decided the word "Amazon" is the new defining theme of my life.
a.)  As a woman of size, "Amazon" is my euphamism of choice
b.)  Anyone who knows me (well), knows that Wonder Woman has been my hero since I was three years old and sported Wonder Woman underoos in broad daylight, pulling my tricycle up the street by my golden lasso.  And...
c.)  I just became an official librarian, and Amazon.com is my go-to spot when I actually do purchase a book.

So there it is.  AMAZON, baby!  I need to DIY a t-shirt.  And ideas for some gold foil applique stars?

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